Conservation Heritage Education Foundation


CHEF was incorporated in 2014 to "educate youth regarding the ethical and lawful participation in outdoor sports, specifically including fishing, hunting, and related activities by funding and bringing together other sporting clubs to host and sponsor a "Youth Day Game Fair" . At this event we educate and encourage youths to protect and conserve the natural resources upon which these outdoor sports depend.

A generation of urban young people are growing up with a very diminishing appreciation for outdoor field activities of fishing and hunting. We believe that children who are involved in outdoor activities grow up to participate in "outdoor-oriented careers and make environmentally-sensitive choices". We also believe that outdoor activities are a natural way for parents to bond with their children.

Seasoned members of established fishing and hunting organizations hope to build an appreciation for outdoor activities in our Northern Illinois and South Wisconsin youths to create a spark that will last a lifetime.

Conservation Heritage Education Foundation CHEF is a 501(c3) tax exempt Illinois Corp.